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What is meaning of puto

As happens frequently when the inherent bias in a term or expression is pointed out, those who defend it trivialize the complaint by reference to the "language police and the dreaded term "political correctness" is dusted off and trotted out to try to shame people.
We pledge to do our utmost to achieve global peace and a life of dignity for mujeres buscando hombres en morelia all." The question is, then, what will fifa do about the blatant disregard for the spirit of this statement echoing through the stadium?
This expression has generally gone out of usage in America, because most people have been made aware that it is offensive.
I am tempted here to go on a long philosophical rant about the very meaning and symbolism of words themselves.Rapids fan Jose Lopez gave me his perspective: I'm not Mexican; I'm from Northern New Mexico.After remaining largely silent for years over puto, fifa has recently begun to fine the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) for the behavior of their fans in yelling puto during Mexican National Team matches.The leagues Dont Cross the Line campaign takes a strong position against offensive speech, but stops short of identifying or clarifying what may qualify.The question of whether it is offensive is immaterial; puto to him is what YSA is for me: an dumb thing that makes no sense to yell in public at a soccer game.To Abraham, and mean You are gay, and being gay is inherently bad to Chris.For others, its a salty, inappropriate swear word youll hear at some soccer games.This does not mean that we should just shrug our shoulders, grumble "oh, well" and move.Still, the hypothetically harmless nature of the mobs motives is not enough to defend the chant.#galla #hure #whore #gay #promiscuous #puta by Lorelili February 15, 2006 puto unknown A derisive word used to belittle and demean another individual, especially if they happen to be spanish/mexican/dirty.Yes, of course, because there is sexism in society.The person then said So I really Jewed her down, and I got 20 off.Jose Bueno feels the same way regarding it being unoriginal; but went further in saying that, when he understood it to be offensive to many people, he stopped.