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The yaml spec clearly says that the busco mujeres madres solteras key order within a mapping is a "representation detail" that cannot be relied.
Inspired by a use case presented by Matthew Patton on StackOverflow.
We'd love to hear your thoughts.Org/legacy/ user name : username for your PyPI account.There is no such module in the standard library, and there are at least two packages just on PyPI that provide modules with that name.0.14.5 fix issue 109: None not dumping correctly at top level (reported by Andrea Censi) fix issue 110:.replace on ScalarString would give back "normal" string (reported by sandres23).14.4 fix readme. fix for old default pip on Ubuntu.04 (reported by Sébastien Maccagnoni-Munch).I can't select a default agent queue and I can't queue my build or release.If you do isinstance(yaml.Fortunately, the above-linked ticket has an implementation you can use.If your package uses ruamel.Currently existing functionality will throw a warning before being changed/removed.And : in plain scalars if non-ambigious (reported by nowox) fix lists within lists which would make comments disappear.15.26 fix for disappearing comment after empty flow sequence (reported by oit-tzhimmash).15.25 fix for problem with dumping (unloaded) floats (reported by eyenseo).15.24 added ScalarFloat.Read about this change in our blog post.Fix issue 148: replace cryptic error message when using!timestamp with an incorrectly formatted or non- scalar.Some updates to the docs.15.3 No longer try to compile C extensions on Windows.Christopher Wright ).15.56 fix issue with python -O optimizing away code (reported, and detailed cause pinpointed, by Alex Grönholm ).15.55 unmade CommentedSeq a subclass of list.Then, it will upload the package to a PyPI index using twine.Yamljinja2.15.7 add plug-in mechanism for load/dump pre resp.Choose the type you'd like to provide: Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.This is useful if the transforming function doesn't return a meaningful value (inspired by StackOverflow by rsaw ).This allows transformation of the output before it is written to stream.ChangeLog.15.64 support round-trip of tagged sequences:!Arg a, b: 1 single entry mappings in flow sequences now written by default without"s set to force getting a, b: 1, c: d: 2 instead of the default a, b: 1, c: d: 2 fix issue when.(finally) fixed longstanding issue 23 (reported by Antony Sottile now handling comment between block mapping key and value correctly warn on yaml.1 float input that is incorrect (triggered by invalid yaml provided by Cecil Curry) allow setting of boolean representation (false, true) by using.
Lele Gaifax now automatically checked. simple mappings can now be used as keys when round-tripping: a: 1, b: 2: hello world although using the obvious operations (del, popitem) on the key will fail, you can mutilate it by going through its attributes.
(Reported by Jonathan Pyle ).15.54 fix issue where a comment could pop-up twice in the output (reported by Mike Kazantsev and by Nate Peterson ) fix issue where json object (mapping) without spaces was not parsed properly (reported by Marc Schmidt ) fix issue.