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Put vs post security

GET requests can be bookmarked, gET requests can be distributed shared.
By distinguishing safe from "unsafe" interactions (i.e., those where the putita pide que le den la lechitita en la boca user should be accountable for a particular interaction) at the protocol level: Clients can inform users when a particular action will have consequences (e.g., subscription to a list, payment of a fee, cancellation.
Post, the following table compares the two http methods: GET and post.GET requests are re-executed when the user uses the back button.With the "safe" option, validation requests are done via a URI; the form uses GET, which gives the results a URI for bookmarks, links, etc.The form is submitted with method"post".The form uses post for that option, since: the document to be validated might be confidential; any link to the results of validating it (at the public W3C Web site) would divulge its contents.So, to make sure we get things right, I present to you the definitive guide of choosing between GET and post.For example, a malicious Web page publisher outside a firewall might put a URI in an html page so that, when someone inside the firewall unwittingly follows the link, that person activates a function on another system within the firewall.The link checker works as follows (ignoring recursive link checking for this discussion for each http URI that is part of a link in an html or xhtml document, the link checker uses the head method to gather information about the resource identified by the.I.E: Click Here for the best free movies!Edit: I just wanted to mention that you should probably use post for most of your data.43-893" on the bottom of the phone, Dan visits the Web site of the phone manufacturer.For instance, if you know that an article resides at you can PUT a new resource representation of this article directly through a PUT on this URL.GET requests have length restrictions, gET requests is only used to request data (not modify).However, before the final decision to use http GET or post, please also consider considerations for sensitive data and practical considerations.The biggest security issue with GET is not malicious intent of the end-user, but by a third party sending a link to the end-user.Section.1.3 of soapadjuncts ).

3.1.2 Steps for Establishing an Obligation To establish obligations of confidentiality (or payment, or licensing terms, etc.