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Put down примеры

put down примеры

By the time the Special Adviser's mission started, the protests on the streets of Yangon had been largely put down.
They put off the meeting.
One we must put down to teach a lesson to all those who brazenly follow his porque una mujer casada busca un amante villainous desires.
Initially, attacks against coalition forces in Iraq had the appearance of typical guerrilla-war tactics and anuncios putas en barcelona were put down to Baath party loyalists and mafia-like criminal elements of the former Saddam Hussein regime.It can be put down on any substrate whatsoever.I'll put that down to your own fixation.Or maybe he thinks I really do wear a wig.That's a retro put-down.Crime prevention helped to create conditions where development assistance could put down roots.I should have made sure that he could put down that gun and have a normal life.This is put down to late planting and damage to the health infrastructure from the fighting.This was put down to the very discouraging legal process, from the medical examination that the victim has to endure, to court proceedings which are rarely sympathetic to the victim.So, being how rare it was, what else do you put down to your lack of success in this case?Hal-dead bodies were carried into the hospital on the stretchers and put down to the floor in the entrance hall.However, the significant reduction in the number of refugees can largely be put down to the possibility of obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia or returning to the country of origin.She always puts down people who don't share her opinions.And this I put down to all the rich food and vitamins.Jacobs made me put down the other.They put it off.I think it was put down to absorb odors.I put down his address on paper.
No episode to put down, no story for posterity.