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Carlos Fuentes, pintaron a España como brutal, sanguinaria y sádica, empeñada en torturar y asesinar a sus súbditos coloniales, en tácito contraste, sin duda, con la pureza inmaculada de los colonialistas franceses, ingleses y holandeses.Las enfermedades infecciosas fueron un aspecto más, sin duda muy importante, del intercambio de..
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A mobilized and well-trained striking force enjoying a certain technical superiority can overwhelm in short order the forces of a country of far greater basic long-term strength.It is not generally realized the degree to which basic scientific research was neglected in the United States during the course of the war in order to concentrate on the belated development of the specific weapons immediately required, nor the degree to which we lagged.Had this industry not been mortally wounded by shipping attack and had its destruction by bombing been called for, the effectiveness of the few strategic bombing attacks directed against the steel industry indicates that destruction of the principal plants by bombing or paralysis of the.It was decided to bomb the four principal Japanese cities at night from altitudes averaging 7,000 feet.The women were compelled to testify by prosecutors under grants of immunity that prevented them from remaining silent under the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. .The strategy of our advance and the limitations imposed on Japanese overwater transportation became such that the Japanese could concentrate only a small portion of their available Army ground forces strength at any of the critical island positions which we determined to capture.The Japanese failed, however, to appreciate the full scope and complexity of the requirements for continuing control of the air.Even at that time, however, we had begun to see, more clearly than the Japanese, the full scope of the basic requirements for air power.For long-range amphibious advances against strongly defended positions a typical pattern developed.Their lines of communications were cut by air attacks, their advance columns strafed and their attack held and pushed back by ground forces, in part supplied by air.The carrier air groups were especially trained in shallow-water torpedo drops for the Pearl Harbor attack, and the Japanese Army air units were trained for support of ground operations in Malaya and the Philippines.Retrieved August 30, 2013.Except for the finishing off of stragglers by submarines, the combat in this engagement was entirely air action.

Clothing ignited, though it could be quickly beaten out, telephone poles charred, thatchroofed houses caught fire.