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Donald putin

donald putin

In a country where elections are rigged, lawsuits are fabricated and state TV spews lies around the clock, its hard to know what ordinary citizens are to believe anymore.
Slate s Franklin Foer noted two weeks ago, If the Russian president could design a candidate to undermine American interests and advance his own hed look a lot like Donald Trump.After Wales ousted Russia from the European soccer championships 3-0 last month, a meme did the rounds on the Russian internet in which Putin says: Those werent our players.An almost equal portion, 38 percent, said that even if there are Russian soldiers and military equipment in Ukraine, its the correct policy for Russia to deny these facts in the current global situation.Even today, its often impossible to follow one law without breaking another.One of these days, this really should be a campaign issue that requires more than just a no comment.You can buy a uniform in any store.Reminded that Putin is accused of ordering the murder of journalists, Trump effectively said he doesnt believe the accusations and ultimately doesnt much care.The first sign of trouble came late last year, when Trump, during an msnbc interview, was asked about Putins habit of launching invasions and targeting critics.Putins initial denial of Russias 2014 military intervention in Crimea followed by a later admission of it was the clearest demonstration of the Kremlins belief that the ends justify the means.Russias political culture is rooted in a cynicism born in the late Soviet era, when even committed Communists couldnt deny the huge gap between their ideals and the reality of proletarian dictatorship.Michael Flynn, a leading separada busca pareja Trump advisor, also has unusually cozy ties with Putins Russia.Many Russians seem to agree.Follow him on Twitter at @Lucian_Kim.Two months later, questions about just how cozy Trump is with the Russian autocrat are growing a little louder.State Department or CIA.

The Kremlin struck back by saddling activists with legal cases to deter future protest and tainting leaders with criminal investigations to show that they were no better than anybody else.
Russia had its Velvet Revolution moment five years ago, when Muscovites from all walks of life surprised Putin by demanding honest elections and an end to institutionalized lying.